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Urine Screening in Naples, Florida and Collier County Counseling

Court Ordered Probation and Private Urine/Breathylyzer Screening

All agency representatives please call us at: (239)417-0181 or use the Form Here and our office will be in contact.

Collier County Counseling offers Urine Screening and Breathylyzer Tests for any adult ordered by the Court, Probation, or Department of Children and Familes.

All confidentiality laws apply.

Collier County Counseling also offers the same Breathylyzer Test Service to all out - of - state visitors who require testing from their home state probation.

Finally, Collier County Counseling offers Urine/Breathylyzer Screening for the private sector. All confidentiality laws apply. We are discreet and private.

For more information or to make an appointment CALL: (239)417-0181 or fill out the form on our contact page

Fees and Languages

Fees are based on a sliding scale. All counseling is offered in Spanish, French, and Creole.

Contact us with any questions. We will be happy to assist you.

You can call us at: 239-417-0181 or send us a fax at: 239-417-0930

We welcome your inquiries and hope to be of service to you in Collier and Lee Counties.

Services Available

  1. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Assesment and Treatment
  2. Low Cost, On-Site Drug Testing and Breathylyzer
  3. Domestic Violence Assesment and Counseling
  4. Anger Management Assessment and Programs
  5. Life Skills for Women
  6. Parenting Programs
  7. Court Ordered Psychological Evaluations
  8. Family Relationships Counseling
  9. All Counseling Offered in Spanish, French, and Creole